Monthly Archives: March 2013

Adventures in LEED Energy Modelling

I’ve been super busy over the last month or more – between our 7-month-old and work, it’s been crazy! Work for me lately has been all about LEED Energy Modelling and ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G. For those of you who may not be aware, a significant number of LEED points are up for grabs related to optimizing energy performance in a building. The basic procedure is to model a strictly defined reference building, your proposed building and then compare the two. The percent difference defines how many points are awarded.

This was only my second project like this (I also did a project to judge energy performance against MNECB) and I have found it very enlightening! The vast majority of energy models I’ve done in the past were for the purpose of judging the impact of energy retrofits, so these models were all of existing buildings, calibrated to a base year. At first glance, an energy model is an energy model, but when you get into the details, I was surprised at how fundamental a difference there could be between the two concepts. Continue reading