Hello world! My name is Matt Doiron and I’m a bit late to the scene with this blogging thing, but I will try to make up for it. I’m a mechanical/building engineer who specializes in building energy efficiency, energy modelling and solar buildings.

I’ve worked for about 9 years modelling the energy use patterns of buildings and proposing ways to make them more efficient. I also have a Masters degree in Building Engineering, which involved studying the energy performance of a low-energy, solar house.

I intend to post on various topics related to areas that I know about and that I feel strongly about. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and some issues simply don’t have good solutions today, but the more we discuss them the better off we’ll be. I will try to cover topics such building energy modelling, building science, energy efficiency, solar buildings and general environmental issues.

Why “The Mindful Modeller”? Well, modelling will be a primary focus of my posts, however, I feel strongly about environmental issues, energy efficiency and all the various issues that surround these. Being mindful means paying attention to, and being aware of your surroundings, your thoughts, your actions, and their consequences. So a mindful modeller is someone who can delve into the art and science of building energy modelling, but still pay attention to the larger issues of environmental responsibility and how he or she fits into those.

For more information about me, check out my LinkdIn page. Please feel free to send me any constructive comments, questions, suggestions, etc – I’d love to hear what you have to say! I can’t guarantee that I will get a chance to reply, but I will do my best.

Please note that this is my personal blog, so any opinions expressed here are purely my own! Also, all posts on this blog are for general knowledge only! They are not intended to be taken as advice and it is always recommended that anyone undertaking any project seek the help of a professional who is fully informed about your particular project.

Matt Doiron, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.


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