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Tools of the trade. Includes software that I use as well as software that I’m developing myself.

Version Control for Energy Models

I mentioned in a previous post that I was experimenting with version control for energy models in my daily work. I’ve been using Mercurial and TortoiseHG ever since and I’ve learned a significant amount about how version control tools can be useful in energy modelling. In this post I describe in more detail my own version control workflow, and its pros and cons. Continue reading

IDF+: An Enhanced Editor for EnergyPlus Input FIles

IDF+ Screenshot

IDF+ Screenshot

In a previous post I set out my “Manifesto for Good Energy Modelling Tools“, in this post I wanted to share an initial public preview of a tool I’ve been working on. The tool is an enhanced editor for EnergyPlus idf files. In creating the tool, I’ve attempted to embrace the concepts in the manifesto (rather, I discovered and developed the concepts as I created the tool). I use the official IDF Editor that comes with EnergyPlus every day—it is the primary tool I use for interacting with IDF files. I have come to respect it and think it is probably the best tool out there right now for working with IDF tools, however, it also has some significant limitations that I decided to address. The working name I’ve chosen is IDF+, but I am hoping to find something a bit more original as development progresses (suggestions are welcome!). Continue reading

Manifesto for Good Energy Modelling Tools

For the last eight to ten months I’ve been thinking about and working on tools to help improve my energy modelling workflows. In the process I’ve analyzed my current tools and found them to be lacking in certain areas. I’ve also not been able to find any other tools that really meet my expectations. Throughout this process I’ve identified some key characteristics and concepts that I value in energy modelling tools and will describe them here in a “Manifesto for Good Energy Modelling Tools”.

Continue reading